Short Film Recommendation – “Passing” (Multiple Award Winning) – 5 Minutes

Short Film Recommendation – “Passing” (Multiple Award Winning) – 5 Minutes (

In the modern age where love is perceived just as a time pause and divorces are a social game, this movie is a tight slap.  When there is actual love, age and money doesnt matter.  With absolutely no dialogues other than needed exchanges this movie can be a reminder to so many film makers where pure content / script / combined with amazing acting is enough to tell a fantastic story.

This is ofcourse a love story, no doubt about that.  The realisaton of elderly is also a message from the director to remind all that there is no moderinization complaint when it comes to love.

One of the best film in this category and timeframe.  Cinematography is absolutely marvelous.  A Must watch for film makers and students who are getting inside story telling industry.

Story – Jolie Hales

Cinematography – David Skounsen

Music – Roger Allen Elliot

Editor – Ann Skales

Cast – Todd Michael Thompson / Jerry Ellison


Sathish Sampath