BAFTA WINNER : “ROOM8 (2014) – 6 Minutes

BAFTA WINNER : “ROOM8 (2014) – 6 Minutes (

Room 8 – A Mystery filled complex psychological Film, ca I say horror or a suspense film.  Its more like christopher Nolan wrote the script in Manoj K Shyamalan ‘s pen.  The script is absolutely stunning.

Think of a situation when we are living in a multidimensional  room which covers itself in various layers.  What if we do something which has same mirror effect in another room.  Room8 is very mysterious yet the same is controlled by the same force in the upper control.

The prisoner who is sent to Room8 sees a mystery box which when opened opens the next level zone.  The prisoner find out that he can unbox himself from his inner world and through he could escape the room when the upper level opens,  forgetting that when lover level is controlled even the upper level is controlled.

The end symbolically shows how the mind of human world when it comes to opening up of an opportunity which can be used for their own selfish note.

Room8 as I see is the space in which we forge the logic to take stand for decision that suits only to us and to our own personal gain.

Its a BAFTA winner as it absolutely deserves the same..


Sathish Sampath