BAFTA WINNER – “The Ball” – Short Drama (11 Minutes)

BAFTA WINNER – “The Ball” – Short Drama (11 Minutes) (

A Quiet neighbourhood, when Amy Jones is not the usual Barbie loving girl.  She is more of a Soccer Girl, hence there is always an attachment of loneliness among the peers for such kids.  She loves her Football, and that adds up a flavour when she notices a new friend in the neighbourhood.

Jack is not the usual naughty kid who runs around the neighbourhood too.  Thats the sense of suspense that even Amy liked it.. she tried to reach out, and so does he.  He did in his own style.  But when Amy did a move to reach out and get close to Jack he completely withdraws from the situation.

This throws Amy back into the usual lonely kingdom.  On a given wild situation when Amy was pushed to a corner, Jack shows his full length effort in saving her showing that he is keeping his part of the friendship.  This also reveals why Jack is not able to freely and fully show the friendship earlier.

The communication was never an issue there after, as its the ball and the love which matters the most.  This is a lovely film to watch, certainly a moral booster.  But this also teaches a big lesson on how the kids think in their own world, where the relationship breaks and where it joins again.


Sathish Sampath