OSCAR WINNING SHORT FILM – “KAMERA” – 16.40Minutes – (https://youtu.be/GdxJfaJ6LZw)

Arjun is young boy from the Slum (as its called in India). He is like any other boy who loves to roam around and had to go to work for picking up scraps for reselling the same to make a living.  His single Mom, who tirelessly works to keep the duo running in the struggling life.

As a normal kid he loves to showcase or getting ready to shows etc.. he often likes the road drills that happens.  He is one person who keeps the smile in his face always. No struggle can take the smile out of his face.  But he had this one pain point of not seeing his mom smile at all.

On a normal day routine of Scrap collection he finds a Digital Camera, initially he was not aware of what that is, but once he knows – to his astonishment everyone feel happy and always smiling when they pose of the same.  The immediate thing which he gets in his mind is to take pictures of his mom.  He comes home with million ideas to do with this camera, takes a bath and returns to find out that his mom has sold the same as she got some good amount.  He gets shattered, but as he always does, he regains with his self made camera..

I certainly felt the dialogue of Jackie Chan”Life can knock you down in many ways, how you get back is in your hands” is reminded.  In the end, his mom too gets along with a smiling pose.  A smiling, happy duo with pure heart are for sure equal to god.

Marvellous movie, and such film makers needs to be appreciated.  Its an oscar winning movie and it truly deserves it.


Sathish Sampath